Vans Warped Tour: Road to Warped Tour Alaska 2015

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We could go down the list, We Came As Romans, Memphis May FireNew Found Glory. Do you need more than that?  Helmet, The Wonder Years, Motion City Soundtrack, 36 Crazyfists. The Vans Warped Tour pit stopped over at the George Sullivan Arena with promise of a mega show never before seen like it anywhere in the Anchorage bowl. The previous week had given way to some spectacular weather, so on this day all you needed was a ticket and about an arms length of space to rock.

“Warped Tour” also played host to a slew of local bands ready to tune up and play down for a very music deprived crowd. Local band mainstays such as City in Ashes, Decepticide, Delmag, Reconstruct and The Harlequin State were among the best to answer the call. The stage was set and bands volleyed set after set late into the evening putting on quite arguably one of the best festival style shows this year.

Brock - 36 Crazyfists
So the question remains, with so many performances which were the best? We spose its just a matter of taste, but it could be argued that hometown heroes 36 Crazyfists killed it, or rather smashed it, pretty much put up a huge performance despite having home field advantage. Motion City Soundtrack also, no strangers to the Alaskan mayhem rocked it, as well as an amazing set by New Found Glory.

Warped Tour 2015

On this day, no one in attendance could leave upset. Tons of great music, bands both known and unknown… (did you know the dude from American Pie had a band? TNB? google them…) And of course we got some of that 75 degree Alaskan Summer, Epic!

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The Vans Road to Warped tour was, from a consumer point of view… a huge success. We even had a pretty spectacular lunch thanks in part to some strategically placed food trucks and well, for those of us that could, access to the beer garden that was placed in prime location not so far away from the main stage, nice touch. More, more… We want more Vans!!

Warped Tour 2015
Did you make it to the concert? Did you have a favorite performance? Were the lines to long? Would you go to the next Road to Warped Tour concert?
Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

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