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Fall by all accounts is Hoodie Season!!
Chilly, but still unnecessary for a few weeks for a jacket, for Alaskans the hoody for all its comfort and simplicity is an Alaskan fashion mainstay. If you’re like us, you may already have a favorite… but for the ladies we have a reason to switch your game up. Unique in its design and exclusive to its purchase, we may have come across what some Alaskan girls are saying is the “Best Hoodie Ever”.

Our friends the “Blushettes” as they so cleverly call themselves, over at Blush Boutique gave us an up close and personal look at at the most popular hoodie being sold this fall, exclusively at their store.

The SUPERFLOUS Hoodie – By Rebel Yell

We at at 907Life started seeing this specific hooded sweatshirt about a year ago, and its unmistakable. Initially what makes this hoodie different than your traditionally brand hoodie is its huge three closure gator neck collar with an oversized hood, its bright colors and its length.

All photos from instagram users of SFH

Another cool thing about this particular hoodie, is its production. While the actual hoodie itself is manufactured by the California based clothing company Rebel Yell, the hoodies design and layout are crafted by the young ladies at Blush themselves. RY doesn’t even carry this hoodie with their clothing line any longer except with the collaboration once a year with Blush Boutique. The Blushettes are in charge of drawing up the design and picking out the fonts, colors and layout. Every year is something different with different colors.

So what really makes this hoodie, The Best Hoodie Ever? Why not grab an Alaska Grown hoodie and keep it moving? In this case feeling is believing… seriously. The production of this hoodie is super labor intensive, like Mom says… “Anything worth doing, is worth doing right.” The Blushettes explained that, every hoodie is prewashed 5 times before the graphics are applied.  Each and every snap are all hand pressed to ensure everything is in working order before its sold. (Side note, we kinda feel bad for who ever got that job, no amount of Ke$ha can make that more fun.) And then to get rid of any fuzzies on the outside of the garment, each hoodie is hand piled 3 times. So after all that, you are looking at one serious piece of work.

All photos from instagram users of SFH

A lot of comparisons can be drawn between the tomboy, tousled haired, rebel inspired California based manufacturer and the fashion forward, chic and adventurous boutique that services the product. All of those personality trait describes what we feel real Alaskan girls are. The hoodie that Blush offers is that of style, its very unique. Your eyes are drawn to the wearer and the colors are bright and fit the season. We think its a very Alaskan fit garment in the since that its multi purpose. It works as an everyday out and about as well as that lightweight outdoorsie hiking, fishing, get stuff done type pullover. We Alaskans are about versatility.

The blushettes opened up shop at the Alaska State Fair this fall and Alaskan girls from all over loved it. With a super engaging social media campaign, the Blushettes were able to show off the “Superflous”. They were also able to reserve sizes and of course take great photos of everyone who grabbed one. Genius. Is it too late to grab you one? Hardly… but supply is short and once they’re out, you’ll have to wait until next year.

Find Blush and their Blushettes at 720 D St. in downtown Anchorages SONO district or online and social media at /Blushboutique

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