Tap Root presents: The Spenard Spring “SKA-OFF”

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As the season changes, so follows the events. The Tap Root Public House lead the way with the first of many spring inspired events with their 1st annual, head to head band battle “The Spenard Spring Ska Off ” featuring  T.I.A. and Nervis Rex. The concept was simple…
Set up an ass load of gear and trade 30 minute sets until the cows come home or until grandma breaks a hip. OPERATION: DANCE YOUR FACE OFF.


Genius right? Continuous music, a packed dance floor, jammed stage, drums, guitars and of course… Dem Horns!! Nervis Rex took up the challenge first, dressed in classic black suits and black ties, immediately setting the tone, bringing back the best of the 90’s Ska hits and opening the dance floor for business… so far so good.

Enter T.I.A. The band quickly put to rest any notion that this was going to be a typical Tap Root performance. Dressed in graphic tees, roughed up tennis shoes, and matted hair.. “Anyone wanna hear a song about titties?” asks Winston, T.I.A’s front man. The band then begins in on a rendition of one of their best originals “34C”. Oh yeah, someone should probably check on grandma and her hip… we’re in it for the long haul.

T.I.A. - Spenard Spring Ska Off

The characteristics of Ska vary, due to the fusion of contrasting genres. The more punk- influenced style often features faster tempos and guitar distortion. Common instrumentation includes electric guitar, bass guitar, drums, brass instruments (such as trombones or trumpets). Bands like No Doubt, Sublime and Less than Jake are more commonly famous in this genre.

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Nervis REX

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