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#SOANCHORAGE: How Anchorage Are You?

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Is it over yet? Can I have my timeline back?

In case you missed it, social media was over run with a barrage of #ImsoAnchorage posts and tweets. The “I’m So…” meme has been gaining popularity across the country, and hit Anchorages timelines earlier this week faster than a DeLorean at 88 miles per hour…. and the trip down memory lane began.

“I’m so Anchorage, I thought the Cal Worthington commercial said Pussycow, Pussycow…”

For those of you not in the loop, the “I’m so Anchorage”  meme starts by users posting “I’m So Anchorage…” and following it by a statement that rehashes a favorite past time or memory from a popular place or time in the city’s history. Ideally its something the user personally remembers, but some are just too good not to post.

Welcome to Anchorage

Welcome to Anchorage sign

Many users caught on with the meme this week, posting about anything from favorite places in Anchorage, noteworthy individuals and popular events. So how did this all start? No one really knows, its the internet man… but someone somewhere told someone who saw some post and you know… In recent reports, the I’m So meme was first created back in 2009 by a Twitter user  posting about the city of Memphis. Its took some time to make its way around and found itself in many forms before becoming the 5 minute phenomenon it its now.  Have you posted an “I’m so Anchorage” post yet? 

Whether your memories about our city are good or bad, its important to take pride in where you live. Remembering how things were and whats changed helps in surviving the uniqueness of where we live.The good ole days, and its nostalgia, withholds our appreciation and instills pride in our future generations. What are some of the #SoAnchorage posts you’ve read? Lets us know… as memes go, as fast as they come, they go… and that is #soanchorage.


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