First Friday Art Showcase: 5th House

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“What do you create, that’s totally you”?
Cara Mazurek and Melissa Grieve presented their First Friday collaboration cleverly named, “5th House” at the Subzero Bistro and Micro lounge. I caught up with First Friday local artists and discussed the concept behind their show and what inspires them as artists.

Now for some, the term 5th house in itself is self explanatory (yes, it is an astrological reference) but for those lost on the term, let me give you a brief explanation to catch you up, its rather simple…

Ahem, Ok… now see there’s these houses right? in the stars. And ok, well… you know the 12 zodiacal signs? Well there are 12 astrological houses, and these “houses” indicate how a person functions. Its like a mystical guide on how a person interacts with other people, or how they zoom zoom in the boom room, mm’kay?

So each house is in analogy with one of the signs… so from the 12 houses, Cara and Melissa chose the “5th house” because it is commonly defined as the “Pleasure House.” And often times pleasure, is the result of a creative act… like painting a super awesome picture with your BFF. The simple act of creating is essentially, giving of oneself and making something well, like art. So they create art, it makes them happy, then they share it with the world, we then are happy… Boom, We all up in the 5th house!! Throw in some alcoholic beverages, a couple appetizers and a Dj… Giiirl, you got yourself one hellavah theme for a First Friday. See, I told you it was simple.

Melissa & Cara "5th House"

The show was presented as a collaboration between the two friends, 4 pieces created as a joint effort and an additional 10+ pieces submitted by both artist covered the lounge walls inside the F street micro lounge.

The show boasted the creative artistry both artists possess, their combined efforts displayed the use of both water color (Cara) and Acrylic paintings (Melissa) painted together on one canvas. From what I was told the two mediums almost exist on opposite ends of the spectrum. The process to combine the two are both uncommon and presents additional challenges in how the mediums mesh and processing time. Cara joked, “I would have it easier because I would start, and hand it to Melissa like… do what you will!”

To an untrained eye, I was impressed by the way the two combined the mediums seamlessly as if each piece was created by one artist. I really thought it was a cool concept. They are really talented. Its not always as easy as “Is it good or is it bad” rather, like in their work, will it inspire you? Or will it get people to ask questions about the technique and pay attention to the small details. I dug it. I asked Cara and Melissa, what they wanted people who saw their work to walk away with?

Cara: “I do it for myself selfishly in a way, I never do something with the expectation, “This is gunna sell” but rather to experience how freeing it is to have the ability to share my work with other people. Its oddly personal. Its like wow, I just gave you a piece of me whether you know it or not. Plus, we just don’t have that much wall space…
Melissa: … “And I would welcome any input, my favorite comment “is this all your art?” I can have up to 4 different styles and looks and its nice to see people don’t see my style in everything. Also its nice to hear “you under priced your work” even though its not why I created it”.  “There’s something about going into a place where you go everyday and all of your feelings are all over the walls, and 25 people are standing around waiting for coffee in the middle of it. Its a weird feeling to ground yourself in your own world”.  Thank you ladies for letting us in… Missed the First Friday show? Find out below how to catch up with the artists.

To see more from Cara Mazurek and/or Melissa Grieve visit:

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