Best of the Best: 6 Of The Best Music Videos by Alaskan Artists

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From Muldoon Mannys high priced east side shout-out to Emma Hills’s scenic arctic compilation, the local music scenes music videos are bigger, slicker and awesome. Here is our pick for the 6 best.

In 2014, we began to see a much different local Alaskan artist emerge. The scene produced a more socially aware artist searching to expand its brand and their projects production. More and more content became available than in the past as Alaskan artists began to take advantage of the wide array of promotional applications from Facebook, Twitter, Soundcloud, Bandcamp, even consistently updating blog threads on their websites.

One of the most exciting ventures last year was that music videos became increasingly prominent. The videos were creative, slicker, bigger and a few even boasted high budget props and casting. Muldoon Mannys “9 Screens” video featured an Audi R8, the high performance coupe used in the video retails over $100,000. Emma Hills “Denali” video boasted majestic aerial shots of Mt. McKinley and even featured the artist in a playful snowball fight on top of the great peak. The Super Saturated Sugar Strings even enlisted the help of a “Red Epic” camera for their feature. The Red Epic is a pretty nifty camera with a hefty price tag of about $40,000. Looking back, here are our picks for the 6 best Alaskan artist music videos.


36 Crazyfist, “Also Am I”

Directed by Michael Stewart 

For a band that has been at it for almost 20 years, we can expect they’d be the ones who knew how to do it right. The video has collected upwards of 100,000 views on Youtube in only a few short weeks. The boys from 36 employed Mr. Stewart  and “kept it simple” with a less is more approach. Cause lets be honest, with Brock as a front man and plenty of ax chopping going on behind him… there’s really no need for much else. The video moves as too let the music do the talking and displays the raw power of the band and its project in Also Am I. Clean and mean… you don’t have to be a fan of the music to appreciate this well shot video.


Muldoon Manny, “9 Screens”

Directed by Vas

The 9 screens video is… how should we put this? Dope! For starters anytime you open your video with a slow motion rain sequence and you stepping out of a $100,000 automobile… the result is hip hop gold. Multiple wardrobe changes, lens flare and of course a couple slow motion smoke breaks (we have it on good authority Mr. Manny prefers only the stickiest of the icky) this video is one of the best. Solid flow and clean visuals, this definitely is the scenes new standard.


Emma Hill, “Denali”

Directed by Ben Massey

When you decide to write a ballad about an awe inspiring 20,000 foot ton of rock, it might be in your best interest to have visuals that command as much attention. Denali plays out with sweeping shots of Alaskan landscapes and towns folk as its coaxed along by the artist distinct and melodic vocals. The directors visuals captures an idealistic depiction of home sweet home. Our favorite part is Emma’s plane ride out to Mt. McKinley. We’ve actually done it, (it was actually a nice little Sunday) if you haven’t done it, it should be on your bucket list.


 Have you seen any of these local artist videos before? What did you think? Which one was your favorite? We’d love to hear about it… lets us know in the comments or message us about your favorite moments from these events.
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