Bau Specs: Custom Alaskan Handmade Wooden Glasses

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Probably the best piece of advice I’ve ever gotten is this… “It’s not what you wear, it’s how you accessorize”.
I’ve lived my life accordingly ever since… hats, jackets, watches, it’s kinda my thing. So imagine my excitement when I came across these little gems in a local boutique this winter, Bau Specs!

These light weight, stylish, and unique glasses had my inner hipster all in a giggly twist.






Shelf to face immediately… Sweet.

“Cool huh?” I heard from behind me. “Yeah, definitely.” I reply to the store clerk, “They are hand made by a local kid here”… “Seriously?”
“They… uhm, look so good?!!”  I couldn’t believe it and these glasses are just that, well… good, Dope even. An afternoon lunch session lead me to seek out the creator, here’s what I found.

Bau Specs are designed, fabricated and  100% handcrafted here in Anchorage, Alaska.

The kid… Neil Walsky, is the founder and artist behind Bau Specs, he was inspired by his grandfathers wood working shop in Switzerland as a young child and decided to give it a go.
Presently Neil and his creative partner Mike Dunahoe are the current producers of the Bau Brand. They started making the wooden frames in their garage in early March 2013.

Neil Walsky

Their special signature is incorporating recycled watch gears and other watch pieces into their frames through meticulous steps, never seen on glasses until now. This is definitely a product you should be on the look out for. Seriously.

Want more Bau?   Bau Specs Gallery
You can find them on facebook or online at



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