Alaskas Outdoor Concert Preview: Your Guide to Music in the Midnight Sun

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If you’re like us, you’ve been counting down the days to arguably the best time of the year in Anchorage: Outdoor Concert Season! It’s that magical season when it’s perfectly acceptable—encouraged even—to don your favorite pair of wayfarers, day drink, and dance really hard to the one song the band has, that you heard on the radio a couple times. We are all reeeaally huge fans right? But that’s also part of the nostalgia.

Admittedly, its this part of the year where these live performances has introduced us to some really great music and bands… The White Buffalo anyone? We caught that guy last year, down at Humpys… Amazeballs.

So this time around, 2015 promises to be just as amazing and hopefully we’ll get some sunshine to boot. Oh, and did we mention day drinking? Also, maybe we will get that Snoop Dogg show we were promised? (Ahem, Charlo?) Check out our preview below, and we hope to see you front and center!


Mooses Tooth Outdoor Concert

Outdoor Concerts at Mooses Tooth

If we are working strictly off of big name acts only, Mooses Tooth easily and by far takes the cake. After the transformation of its parking lot, Mooses Tooth becomes one of the city’s biggest and most successful musical fairgrounds.

Great pizza and spectacular beer accompanied with amazing lighting and sound – Mooses Tooth has consistently nailed their events and with a red carpet list of A-list acts like, MGMTCitizen Cope, Atmosphere, Primus, Slightly Stoopid, 311 and Foster the People. Totally worth the price of admission every time.  Here’s a preview of what’s to come:

  • June 6th: The Head And The Heart | Buy tickets
  • July 25th: Anniversary Party w/ Janes Addiction | Buy tickets


Road to Warped Tour Anchorage 2014

Outdoor Concert at Vans Warped Tour

In just its second year, the Vans Road to Warp Tour concert series has everyone in aesthetic as it derails in Anchorage again this summer. Bringing with it a host of some of the biggest names in Punk and Rock music.

This year promises bigger acts, bigger staging and a few key performances from some high flying local acts as well as the kings of metal and hometown heroes 36 Crazyfists, who will be returning from an international tour after one of their biggest years yet. Yes, we are stoked! Here’s a preview of what’s to come:

  • June 17th: Motion City Soundtrack & More  | Buy tickets


Humpies Outdoor Concert Series

Outdoor Concerts at Humpys

Humpys burst onto the outdoor music scene last year with a number of massive performances. Utilizing their prime downtown real estate and their choice food and beverage services, the Humpys Big Spawn Concert Series was a huge hit. Last years line up of promising up and comers created a niche that seemingly fit the establishments new venture.

Bands like Capital Cities, Rags and Ribbons, The White Buffalo and GroupLove lead the charge. Now in 2015, looking to capitalize on their successful formula, Humpys again looks at another mega summer with a roster of recent chart toppers and music main stays. Make sure you fill out you calendar accordingly.
Here’s a preview of what’s to come:

  • May 30th: Blues Traveler | Buy tickets
  • July 11th: American Authors w/ Kongos | Buy tickets


Seriously Fun Fest

Outdoor Concerts at Seriously Fun Fest

All it takes is for one national events company to come thru town and throw a few pounds of colored chalk across some neighborhood streets, to get the dollar merchants to come lurking. Now national sponsored fun runs and mud melees are clawing to get a spot for our Alaskan summer activities.

So seriously, a fun fest? Hmmm, at least this one is bringing gifts. And by gifts we mean a day long music festival with some moderately named bands and headliners. That’s one way to win us over, feed us and shower us with tunes. Awe, OK… we’ll give em’ a chance. Here’s a preview of what’s to come:

  • June 13th: Matisyahu & More | Buy tickets


Outdoor Concerts at Alaska State Fair

We wonder if you can see the stage from the Ferris Wheel? No matter how you feel about the Alaska State Fair and its rag tag group of performers, you have to agree… they have a consistency for getting at least one mega performer every year. So thanks.

But while the drive, the cost and the long lines are common complaints when it comes to the fair, you cant deny its ultimately a good time. Although the state fair tends to end out the summer season, on record they have been some of the hottest outdoor shows. Here’s a preview of what’s to come:

  • August 29th: Daughtry | Buy tickets
  • September 5th: Lee Brice | Buy tickets


Have you bought tickets to any of theses shows? Whats your favorite event? Hate all the bands playing? Who would you like to see play in Alaska? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

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