Alaska’s Outdoor Concert Preview: The Midnight Suns Music Festival Guide

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As the Alaskan climate figures out what kind of summer it wants to be, fingers crossed, we anticipate that it will be a repeat of last years performance. It’s outdoor concert season people and with a few pretty big show announcements, we are going to throw out a phrase often overused… “It’s gonna be Epic!!!”
If you’re anything like us here at 907, Alaskan summers aren’t anything to joke about. It’s serious business! We have already broken out a couple pair of short shorts and flippy floppies and we are ready to kick, stretch aaaand Kick!!


Capital Cities 2014 at Humpy’s Big Spawn Concert Series


And what better way to do that than to, grab a few friends, a couple drinks and tickets to some of the state’s biggest shows and even bigger acts. So with artist announcements like G-Eazy, Sum 41, Jboog, Modest Mouse and Diplo rounding out this year’s roster- 2016 promises to be just as amazing as any and Oh… did we mention day drinking? Check out our preview below, and we hope to see you front and center!


WilliwawOutdoor Concerts at Williwaw

This year fans of live concerts, in general, have had plenty introduction to the show extraordinaire that is Williwaw. Since its doors being opened late last summer and its thriving partnership with production company Showdown Alaska, Williwaw hands down may be the new authority on music and entertainment in Anchorage.

Williwaw headliners like the Common Kings, American Authors, Andrew W. K., Giraffage and a barrage of others makes for a phenomenal track record – so dropping a major headliner this summer shouldn’t surprise anyone. Diplo, are you kidding us? The shows just get bigger and bigger. Now in 2016, Williwaw and Showdown Alaska plan for maybe one of the biggest artist to ever perform under the midnight sun. Make sure you fill out your calendar accordingly. Here’s a preview of what’s to come:

  • July 3rd: Diplo | Buy tickets
  • July 16th: Island Music Fest with J Boog  | Buy tickets


Mooses-ToothOutdoor Concerts at Mooses Tooth

What can’t they do? Like really – movies, pizza, great beer and they totally nail the laid back Alaskan good vibes atmosphere. And after the transformation of its parking lot, Mooses Tooth becomes one of the city’s biggest and most successful musical fairgrounds. They invented the game, so expect big shows in 2016.

Mooses Tooth has consistently nailed their events and with a red carpet list of A-list acts like, MGMTCitizen Cope, Atmosphere, Jane’s Addiction and Foster the People. Totally worth the price of admission every time.  Here’s a preview of what’s to come:

  • June 18th: Modest Mouse | Buy tickets
  • July 14th: Milky Chance | Buy tickets

Sullivan Arena
Outdoor Concert at Vans Warped Tour

Third times a charm as they say, the Vans Road to Warp Tour concert series makes an Anchorage pit-stop again this summer. With a bit of a nostalgic feel, this show has continued to gain traction and in the past has been quite the experience.

One of the biggest names floating around 2016 is the addition of the boys from Sum 41 announced to join the tour, and coincidentally on the heels of an upcoming major studio release. Will they make it to Anchorage? Let’s hope so! Stoked? You should be. Here’s a preview of what’s to come:
  • June 22nd: Sum 41 & More  | Buy tickets


SALMONfestOutdoor Concerts at Salmonfest 2016

After a bit of a shaky rebound, Salmonfest has performed to the consistency worthy of a mention. With over 6,000 people showing face, as well as 50 performing acts both nationally and local, the show is compelling and dynamic.

Salmonfest is definitely an acquired taste, but garners no less the top-tier artist. Best described loosely as an “Alaskan Woodstock” Salmonfest continues the outdoor music festival season late into the summer. Make the drive down for the weekend to Ninilchik and indulge in the best of Alaska. Here’s a preview of what’s to come:

  • August 5th-7th: The Indigo Girl,  Clinton Fearon & More | Buy tickets


Alaska State FairOutdoor Concerts at Alaska State Fair

We at 907 have written about shows at the fair in dramatic fashion and yet the negative connotation persists. The drive, the cost, long lines and of course the sound are among the complaints most mentioned. But when we talk to people who had the chance to see one of their most favorite bands or artists and were upfront and center- no complaints, none. Matter of fact/ they’d say the Alaska State Fair rocks!! Really.

On record they have hosted some of the hottest outdoor shows and 2016 doesn’t appear to break the trend. Country, Rock, Comedy, Pop and Hip hop – across the board the A.S.F has put up some serious numbers.  Still don’t believe us? Okaay… We’d buy a ticket, and did!! Don’t be that guy. Here’s a preview of what’s to come:

  • August 27th: The Band Perry | Buy tickets
  • September 1st: G-Eazy | Buy tickets


eddiesOutdoor Concerts at Eddies Sports Bar

So we have to apologize- While writing this article last year we left this festival out (unintentionally) and the Backyard Country BBQ more than deserves to be noted. Brainchild of the good folks over at Erickson Events, they identified a major missing piece of our Alaskan music market experience and came out swinging. Fans of country rejoice! Home run my friends, round your bases.

So seriously, a notoriously country midtown location, major country artist and everything that makes country music great. Boots, dancing, trucks and guitars. Even if country isn’t your jam, you’ll be surprised at the vast roster of  performing artists both national and local. Ken Peltier much? Dudes a legend. Here’s a preview of what’s to come:

  • June 22nd: Trick Pony & More | Buy tickets
  • June 29th: Craig Morgan & More | Buy tickets


Have you bought tickets to any of theses shows? What’s your favorite event? Hate all the bands playing? Who would you like to see play in Alaska? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

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