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For most 24-year-olds, especially those in Alaska, living out your dreams may feel like its a million miles away. But for one Alaskan rap artist, he’s making enough noise to be sure that his dreams… well, find him. Here is 907Lifes Rap Sheet: Tayy Tarantino. 

For rapper Tayy Tarantino, the better part of 2016 was spent juggling his home and family life, with the hectic grind of an up-and-coming musician. Tayy never wavered in his pursuit of a career in Hip-hop. “It all starts here…” says Tarantino in a recent interview. “This is the training ground.” Tayy continues, “You have to get in the festivals, get in the studios locally, link with the right people…” 

And with the help of his Bad Agenda collective, and his DJ, Bee-one. 2016 saw Tayy Tarantino and his team mount a metaphoric assault on the local music scene and build a resume of work that rivals that of any artist twice his age. 2017 would stand to be Tayy Tarantino’s induction party. 

2 Chainz Concert at Sullivan Arena | Photo by Travis Mathes

On the heels of a full-length album release, Tarantino has hit a stride and ceases to slow down. He has bodied multiple live performance appearances, music videos, television and radio interviews, merchandise and streaming sales, even a feature mini-documentary. Tarantino has made light work of the stage, handling opening gig duties for some of the industries biggest stars including the Wu-Tang Clan, Hopsin, 2-Chainz, Lil Boosie and G-Eazy. When not on stage, Tarantino can be found making community appearances, hosting talent competitions and handling promotion duties for local clothing brands and products. He is the total package, and his work ethic is unmatched by any of his local music peers.

In a verse from his now available single To Live And Die In AK, Tarantino raps “I pray we make it out/weather the storm/my homies got it in the drought/its never been done/I’m understanding why they doubt…” 

It’s been less than a year since Tarantino introduced his lyrical Rawbeatzz produced passion project, and doubt seemingly is the least of this Alaskan rap talents concerns. “This time around things are different for me cause, I thought I could just leave and like, Yo- Ima put Alaska on the map…”

And for years the term”local hip-hop” never generated much of a buzz in a town where supporting venues and reputable talent are far and few in between. In the past 6 years or so, violent outbreaks and shootings at hip hop shows and nightclubs plagued an already dwindling scene, and arrests, lackluster projects, aging rap artists and terrible production assisted further deaden the local genre. The support was gone, Alaskan hip hop was extinct.

Tarantino speaks candidly on the subject, “People don’t understand you need your home, you need your town behind you, you need your city-” Tarantino emphasizes in his interview, “…this is where it starts.” referring to his hometown of Anchorage where he was raised and honed his craft.

Tarantino and his Bad Agenda crew might be the breath of life Alaska needs to revive the musical artform.  Tarantino is currently in the studio working on a follow-up release, and lining out a summer calendar full of performances. Tarantino will be off to perform at the upcoming South by Southwest (SXSW) music festival before hitting the road to promote his completed music. There is still work to do and the only direction is up.

In a line from his song, “Green light/ We gon go…” Alaskans and adoring fans everywhere are all onboard and ready for what’s next for this northern star. 

You can listen to Tayy Tarantino’s latest project “Homecoming” below. Also available on Apple Music, Spotify, Google Play, and all other major streaming outlets.

Watch a short documentary on the making of Homecoming.

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