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And as much as we love it, admittedly the holidays can be a bit… well, stressful. For starters, you need something for Uncle Milo and Aunt Theresa, Mom, Dad, the Mailman, maybe something for the besties, Alaskan meats for the lower 48ers. Op, don’t forget Nancy from accounting… “Argh!” It never stops.

But despite all of our first world problems, there is a sense of comfort that the holidays bring. The music, Christmas lights… and oh yum, food! It’s just great isn’t it? 
Alright, snap out of it! Let’s get back to business… There are less than 5 days left until the big day and Nancey ain’t gonna gift herself.

Bust out that list!! Let’s get right into this. Anchorage has some pretty great local retailers and brands, perfect for those last minute gifts and stocking stuffers. Here is our list, and in our opinion some of the most super rad local retailers and brands with their finger on the pulse of what’s hot this upcoming holiday season. Here is our, 907Life: Local Last Minute Holiday Shopping Guide.

Cut & Caliber
Very rarely do you get introduced to a local brand and product that was designed with the Alaskan man in mind. Grow a beard much? The idea Cut & Caliber had was to make quality products from simple, all natural ingredients often sourced right here in Alaska. Cut & Caliber have succeeded with products that are bold, brave, and adventurous.

Whether the look is full and thick or close and groomed, Cut & Caliber beard oils and lip balms are a sure fire holiday gift this year. You can visit their full product listing online or in various local retail outlets this season. We bet these gifts can’t miss. 

STORE IG STANDOUTS (Pictured): Beard Gang… Beard oil by Cut & Caliber

Cut & Caliber – cutandcaliber.com

circular boutique
Circular Boutique is located at one of those locations where, if you’ve lived in Anchorage long enough, you’ve passed it 100 times. So if you’re looking for something drop dead gorgeous this holiday season, it’s time to start paying attention.

Circular is enchanting. Located just north of Nordstroms, the boutique offers unique, style-conscious designs, and dazzling accessories that have become the very definition of their brand. If you are attending a Holiday or New Year’s Eve celebration this year, then it definitely warrants a visit to this 6th avenue location.

STORE IG STANDOUTS (Pictured): Keep it cute… Jeans by Phoebe

Circular Boutique – circularboutique.com

49th Supply Co
A local brand that after 3 years, needs no introduction. The 49th Supply Company demands that you take a second look at your holiday gift list and add more to it. Specializing in Alaskan inspired designs- the 49th boasts a vast inventory of hats, hoodies, and outerwear for both male and females that are a definite must-have. 

Got an Outdoorsy Alaskan on your list? Fill up their stockings with apparel and accessories from the 49th Supply co. Visit the 49th online and in various local retail locations.  

STORE IG STANDOUTS (Pictured): Crafted by the outdoors… Hoodies by the 49th Supply co

the 49th Supply Co. – the49thsupplyco.com

The easiest thing we can do is leave you in the very capable hands of the Blushettes over at Blush Boutique located at 720 D St. The very fashion forward fashionistas will take you through their full array of unique, modern & fresh pieces and accessories that arrive weekly and disappears just as quickly.

If you have a hard to shop for person on your list, Blush specializes in hand-chosen, specially selected pieces in smaller limited supply that keep your look special. As an added bonus- Blush Boutique also offers personal fittings and wardrobe consultations.

If you can’t find what you’re are looking for at Blush, maybe the person you are shopping for just needs a hug and a good slap on the butt. Merry Christmas champ, boom! Visit Alaska’s premier contemporary boutique in downtown Anchorage, this holiday season. 

STORE IG STANDOUTS (Pictured): #Peace…Van Halen Tee by trunkltd

Blush Boutique – boutiqueblush.com

Mercantile shop
Here is everything we know about the Mercantile… its dope. Straight up. The Mercantile opened its doors this past year in the heart of downtown Anchorage and we couldn’t be more stoked.

The goal for the Mercantile was to “create a store in Anchorage that focused on quality apparel and handmade goods that are designed with purpose and attention to detail.” And upon entering the 4th avenue location you get a sense that the plan was executed to perfection. 

Those looking for high-quality apparel designed to last, the Mercantile is your gift go to. From rugged and sturdy denim, durable leather accessories, and outerwear that is well-fitting, and functional, the mercantile has the very things needed to cross off that last minute gift idea. 

STORE IG STANDOUTS (Pictured): Work with your hands… Waxed Canvas Rover Jacket by Taylor Stitch

 the Mercantile  – mercantileshop.us

Blue & Gold
With the exit of AK Boardroom this past year some wondered “… are local Alaskan board shops a thing of the past?” Enter, former x-game gold medalist and local Alaskan Jason Borgstede. Borgstede and his team burst open their doors and introduced Anchorage to their southside board shop and haven’t looked back since. “We’re not just a board shop, we’re a community…” Borgstede says of his shop and team. 

For any riders on your list, find everything you need, as well as sizing and expert knowledge on upkeep and use. Blue & Gold has it all. Brands include Lib-Technologies, Gnu Snowboards, Jones Snowboards,  Arbor and more. Visit the team over at the  Blue & Gold board shop and oh, Merry Christmas ya filthy animals.

STORE IG STANDOUTS (Pictured): #currentmood…. Hats by Brixton 

Blue & Gold Boardshop  – blueandgoldak.com


Are you ready for the Holidays? Where do you shop locally? We’d love to hear about it… lets us know in the comments or message us about your favorite local stores and brands.



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