7 Things You Need to Know About: The Lunar “Blood Moon” Eclipse

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So did you see it? Like, the “Blood Moon” doe doh. While some of us slept like babies, others ventured out into the wee hours of the Alaskan night to catch the celestial lunar encore. The October “Blood Moon” was pleasantly apparent as social media was ran rampant with pictures, news and facts about the happening. So in case you missed it or are just waking up…. Here are 7 Things You Need to Know About: The Lunar “Blood Moon” Eclipse.

1. The Apocalypse pt. II
Oh no… dont be silly, its not a sign of the end of times. Although history reminds us of a time when people really freaked out about the eclipse. One such rumor warned of those careless enough to sleep under an eclipsed moon risked insanity, blindness, or even being turned into a werewolf… clearly they have never seen the Twilight saga and if the Mayans couldn’t predict it and Y2k didn’t take us down, we ain’t going to let the world end because of a ginger moon.

2. Red is the new Grey.
So what makes the moon turn its red color? During a blood moon, the moon turns a red hue because of the way the sun is filtered through the Earth’s atmosphere, projecting a crimson color onto the moon’s surface. “Oh hello moon, don’t you look fancy.”

 3. The better to see you with my dear…
There was no need for hi-tech fancy equipment, wednesday mornings moon was center stage and appeared 5.3% larger than it did during the last lunar eclipse on April 15th, how do we know that? We asked the nerds of course, duh. Because of the moons position and our uncommonly clear Alaskan sky, the blood moon was picture ready.

 "Blood Moon" Eclipse Composite photo: Vasco Vea

A Composite of 4 different shots of the October 8th “Blood Moon” Eclipse. Shot from the heart of Fairview, Alaska.

4. Like a thief in the night.
The total lunar eclipse arrived about 1:25 a.m wednesday morning, “Whoa! Technically the eclipse spans four hours, but the total phase  when you saw the action happen lasted for just under an hour. Being that we live in Anchorage, and its October… did someone bring mittens?? We were freezing… so for us it lasted about 22 minutes.

5. Its like Twilight, but you didnt have to see the first one.
Lesser known fact, October 8ths event is the second of a rare set of four lunar eclipses that will happen over the next two years. The set of four eclipses is so rare, it’s given a special name: a Tetrad. Did you know for 300 years, between the 1600’s and 1900’s, there were no Tetrads? How did they live? Lets hope they had netflix.

6. Classic photo bomb
While most of us didn’t have high-powered telescopes, it would have been possible to spot Uranus as a bluish-green star somewhere east of the moon. Uranus’ presence during the second “Blood Moon” is an entirely incredible phenomenon on its own, considering that it is three planets and an asteroid belt away from Earth.

7. Spoiler alert
The October 8th blood moons lunar eclipse is the second in a set of four happening in two years, one occurring about every six months. The next one will happen on April 4th, 2015… while the first one was on April 15th, 2014. The final eclipse that will complete the Tetrad will occur on Sept. 28th, 2015. So if you missed it… mark your calendars.


Were you able to see the “Blood Moon” ?  Did you snap any photos? Feel free to share your thoughts and photos in the comments below. 


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