7 Things You Need to Know About: Alaska Legalizing Recreational Marijuana

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Now that the metaphoric “smoke” has cleared… is it for real? Is marijuana actually legal in Alaska? Like for real, for real tho… legal? Not the, “I have glaucoma so its cool, or this is that high blood pressure, nausea, vomiting inducing synthetic marijuana called Spice. Naw, not that.

We are talking Pot, Reefer, Grass, Ganja, Mary Jane, The Chronic, that Domo OG, Blueberry yum yum, Sherry Berry Chocolate, Alaska Thunder Funk, some Kush, that Giggle Smoke, Cheeba… straight up legal WEED mane!! Ok, lets slow down, back it up. Yes, election night handed us a few surprises and of those we were left with the passing of a ballot that will allow Alaskan residents to posse, produce and sale regulated and taxed marijuana legally… but some still argue, at what cost?

Facebook, Twitter and other media sites are now abuzz with speculation of what Alaskas decision means for the rest of the country. While some cheered, others jeered. So here we are, 1 of 4 American states that have legalize the recreational use of marijuana, you might have questions…. heres what we know. Here are 7 Things You Need to Know About: Alaska Legalizing Recreational Marijuana

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1. Huh… what? I missed that dude…
Alaska’s Ballot Measure 2 which passed with a whopping 58% majority vote, allows adults 21 and older to possess up to one ounce of pot and maintain six marijuana plants. The measure legalizes production and sales, which the Alcoholic Beverage Control Board — or a Marijuana Control Board, if one is created — will regulate. The measure also taxes marijuana at the point of sale at $50 per ounce. We at 907 are not up to date on the current weed dealings, but those seems like crack prices to us… but thats none of our business.

2. What about the kids?
One of the primary debates heard between supporters and non supporters of the ballot was the concern that legal marijuana would make the substance readily accessible to children. One argues, if its everywhere, it would be easier for kids to get their hands on it, right? well… you gotta hear both sides. Surveys done in Colorado after marijuana’s legalization report a 2 percentage point year-to-year drop since the new law. Also data released by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment suggests post-legalization pot use among Colorado teens was lower than the national average. It seems  apparently, you gotta at least try it before you judge it.

3. A marijuana shop on every corner…
Hardly, but admittedly it has been a good little run for marijuana, but lets not light up a joint before its rolled. Pro marijuana activist have been fighting almost 70 years of anti-cannabis propaganda. So a televised F bomb, internet memes and promised hip hop shows are not the forthcoming of the weed wild west. Those looking to start a marijuana business may have to wait until topics such as business application schedules, security requirements, labeling, health and safety codes, and the establishment of “reasonable restrictions” on advertising are proposed. Basically… dont quit your day job.

 Can I legally smoke?

4. So like, where can I get some?
Just because we passed the ballot, doesn’t mean public marijuana use is a social norm. There is still quite a bit of taboo associated with this particular pastime. So Before you go and ask Kyle in the mailroom for a bit of the good stuff, know this. The initiative does not become law until 90 days after the election is certified. According to the Alaska Division of Elections, the target date for election certification is November 28th, 2014. That means not until mid-February will it be legal to possess or transport up to 1 ounce of marijuana or be in possession of six plants.

5. Always ahead of the curve…
Although Alaska traditionally is a Republican stronghold, Alaska through a court ruling, was one of the first states to decriminalize marijuana in 1975. Also, Alaskan voters were sensible enough in 1998 to legalize the drug for medicinal purposes. Which goes to show our parents and grandparents aren’t as square as we thought, However… you should never tuck your sweater into your pants at any age. Its just not a hot look.

6. 20 questions, go…
I can’t get ticketed for marijuana?  Yes, you still can. Can I sell it? No. Can I bring it back from Washington or Colorado? No doh doe. Can I use marijuana in public? Definitely not!! Can I still be drug tested at work? Yes!! Listen, as far as the normal white collar recreational user is concerned, its still illegal until further notice. You aint about that life.

7. You gotta hear both sides.
So its done, and the damage if any is still yet to be seen. But we think what we can all take away from this despite our views on the subject is this… We the people did this, it was OUR choice. Love the fact that we live in a place that we have the right to express our thoughts and concerns. Ballot measure 2 is a step towards ensuring that our government has no more of a right to regulate citizens who choose to expose their own bodies to drugs, medicinal or otherwise, any more than overeating or bungee-jumping.

We at 907 don’t use marijuana in any of its forms, but believe you shouldn’t be held to any extent of a law that exist purely because of someone’s “moral” beliefs. Everything has two sides, its up to us to educate ourselves and make intelligent decisions based on the kind of future we wish to leave behind. “None but ourselves can free our minds.”
Bob Marley


Did you vote for Ballot measure 2? Why did you vote how you did? Feel free to share your thoughts and photos in the comments below. 

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