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6 Alaskan Workout Alternatives To Break Up Your Exercise Rut

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We don’t know about you, but at 907Life we believe working out is really important… in theory. We mean, have you tried the Avalanche pizza from Mooses Tooth? Seriously… and like, the fairs coming and uhm… Funnel cakes? #getinmyface

Wait, OK… Where were we? Oh yea, working out, it’s important! Especially if like us, you love to eat. No need to wait till the beginning of the year, do it now. We know with any new commitment, it just takes a little time and some habit building techniques to get you going.

Our summers weather has rawked this year and everyone knows (spoiler alert)… winter is coming. And along with that comes, huddling inside, comfort foods and the holidays. We thought it be cool to hunt down some really fun and exciting Alaskan company’s and programs to get you back in gear, start a new routine or mix up your normal one in our 6 Alaskan Workout Alternatives To Break Up Your Exercise Rut.

1. Run with your Bros: Skinny Raven
Tuesday Pub Run

Show up, Run, Drink, Repeat. We are not sure if this is what Drake and his rapping buddies had in mind when they said “going up on a Tuesday

But this is a helluva way to break up your week and mix up that stale routine you have. The Skinny Raven Tuesday Pub Run is ran just about every Tuesday, snow or shine. The run begins at the downtown Skinny Raven store and runners set out on the chosen course and ends at the very nearby McGuinley’s Pub.

The course changes and sometimes there are themes, product demos and various sponsors but its consistently… well, fun. Families, singles and friends of all ages make their way downtown each week, some looking to beat their personal best… others running for just plain fun. This we feel is an excellent change up if needed. IPA anyone?

2. Switch yo game up: Dharma Hot Yoga
Arial Yoga and Pole Fitness

If you’re tired of running or gym memberships and diets, maybe trying something that doesn’t seem like working out is your speed. We came across the team from Dharma Hot Yoga and were literally spun around and upside down.

Arial Yoga… you know the girls that get all twisted up in what looks like a bed sheet hanging from the ceiling? They swing and roll themselves up in it and pull themselves up and down… amazing!!  We’ve been told aerial yoga increases flexibility, decompresses the spine, facilitates lymphatic detox, rejuvenates the spirit and teaches you a second language!!!

OK, maybe we stretched that last part, its not a Rosetta Stone but it does seem just as awesome. DHYs teachers are experienced and uplifting and the exact recipe to spice up any dull workout routine. Oh, and fellas… this isn’t just for the ladies, they offer a range of men’s classes and instruction. Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks?

3. Pay cash for class: Anchorage Cycle
Cycle Class

Something that you’re going to see a lot throughout this list is group activity. Doing stuff with other people is just better, even with strangers. And also, paying for something is a little more motivating because no one likes to waste.  If you’re paying for this class, you’re going to this class… at least once. And really that’s all you need.

And at Anchorage Cycle the workout, atmosphere and instructors will be the final pieces of the puzzle to get you going. Its kinda like test driving a car, if they can get you in it… you can be sold. The new Anchorage Cycle, we feel… is all of that plus more. Primarily known for its various yoga classes, this new expansion just makes sense.

A brand new studio, various classes at all experience levels and a staff that is not only knowledgeable but pretty rad in their own right. It helps when you actually respect the instructor that is leading you. Anchorage Cycle nails it. Can we wear those funny cycle shoes to the bar?

4. Do more in half the time: Crossfit Northern Exposure
Crossfit workouts

Here is an idea, try going from doing nothing at all… to everything, all at once. That’s kinda what crossfit in a sense is… a complete 100% full body workout, in literally 50% of the time. We found that a lot of problems people have with workouts and routines is their lack of know how. In some cases people who know a little, ultimately stick to those few things and never fully challenge themselves.

At Crossfit Northern Exposure its just the opposite. Priding themselves on not being a standard gym, they definitely don’t operate like one. Everything from their pretty sweet mid town facility to their very unorthodox training programs and techniques. Crossfit Northern Exposure is one gym that aims to develop your general fitness level allowing you to more efficiently engage in the activities we as Alaskans already love to do. If your looking for a new challenge, this is your spot. What’s that giant truck tire over there for anyway?

5. Find your center: Simply Core
Cardio Core

What if we told you that you could have a better body, be more healthy and improve your overall fitness without specialized equipment or a gym membership? You’d probably shut the front door in our face or turn the channel right? Hahahaha… us too. But its true! Up in Fairbanks Alaska, Simply Core is proven this theory constantly inside their fitness studio every day.

With workouts that focus primarily on the muscles in your pelvis, lower back, hips and abdomen – strengthening these muscles leads to better balance and stability. In fact, most activities we enjoy as Alaskans depend on stable core muscles. You getting out to ski? You need a strong core… Gunna ride that bike this evening after work? Tighten that core… Going to First Tap at Mooses Tooth? Ok, so maybe its not that important for a strong core for that… but get it tight anyway.

6. Get out, literally right outside: Tony Knowles Coastal Trail
Bike, Run and Hike

We can suggest 100 businesses and exercise classes, but when we have the hot summer sun and the great outdoors at our finger tips… the best advice is to simply, “get out.” Seriously, any health professional will tell you that the core of any workout plan is movement. Walking being the simplest… we as Alaskans are privileged to some pretty awesome backdrops anytime of year, which might be motivation enough.

The Tony Knowles Coastal Trail is among our favorites, it sprawls moderately along the city’s coast eleven miles in total from downtown to Kincaid Park. You can walk, jog or ride… 15 minutes max – and you’re there. We’ll leave it to you what you want to do once you get there, but you wont be disappointed you did.

The trail has various connections if you are looking to continue on to different parts of the city, so you are not just limited to the coast. So for those of us who are short on time and long on excuses, the “Coastal Trail” is perfect for staying active. You just have to decide you’re going to do it and go! Explore much?


Do you workout? Are looking to switch up your routine or start? Hate working out? Do you have a favorite workout spot or routine? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

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