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5 Alaskan Events That You Hate Yourself Because You Missed

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As Alaskans we love to get out. Winter we ride… Summer we conquer everything else. There is nothing like being alone and taking on the great outdoors and getting back to nature. But there are in a few cases where genius has given us a reason to celebrate, well… together. Music, dancing, riding, drinking and being outdoors are sure fire ingredients to AK epicness. There are these Alaskan events created by Alaskans for Alaskans. Unique to us and ultimately a good ole fashion good time, maybe you’ve been? So this is for those that have heard and made plans to do so, this is our list of the top 5 Alaskan events that you hate yourself because you missed.

Salmon Stock –

Salmon StockWhen: July 31st – August 2nd
Where: Ninilchik, AK

2014 Lineup Highlights: Lucinda Williams, Emma Hill, Hard Working Americans, Ozomatli, Keller Williams, Great American Taxi, Tim Easton, Kyle Hollingsworth Band, Elephant Revival, Hot Buttered Rum and more.

Why You Should Go: Alas, you can make an argument that the draw is the music, but a safer bet is the experience. As Alaskans we know theres nothing better than a good year end road trip and camping outdoors. Salmonstock has a very distinct earthy, woodstock, grass roots feel that adds an exciting tinge of “anything can happen”. Also this is one of the few festivals that offers the best in local talent from all over our state, Uh… Emma Hill, obviously?

Slush Cup –
Slush Cup
When: Mid April
Where: Alyeska, AK

2014 Highlights: The Idiots Swim, The Dummy Downhill Bike Race and the XTRATUF Tug o’War.

Why You Should Go: When the weather is right, few places are as beautiful as Girdwood in the spring. So couple that with an event packed with all out ski & snowboarding shenanigans and we’ve got something to write home to mom about. 50 costumed competitors ski or ride down the mountain and try to make it across a 90′ pond of freezing cold water for a chance at prizes. While a few actually make it, most end in a wet disaster. Terrible for the jiggly bits… Hilarious for those watching.

Mount Marathon –
Mount. Marathon
When: July 4th
Where: Seward, AK

2014 Highlights: Olympic skier Holly Brooks, Eric Strabels comfortable repeat win in the men’s race and Allison Ostrander, overtaking every boy in the field on the way down for a win.

Why You Should Go: Probably the states most badass race for well, badasses. Mount. Marathon takes place on one of Alaska’s busiest holiday travel days… 4th of July weekend and it is well worth the fuss. Motorist of all kinds clamor their way down to Seward Alaska in hopes of a little fishing camping and mountain racing.  It is not uncommon for the racers who finish to cross the finish line injured or bleeding and covered in mud, no pain no gain we spose.

Arctic Man –
Arctic Man
When: April 6th – 12th
Where: Paxson, AK

2014 Highlights: No Words 907Life Arcticman Teaser Video 

Why You Should Go: Sandwiched in between one of the worlds craziest week long festival, Arctic man is by far one of the most intense ski races… well like, ever. Since 1986 over 10,000+ people gather just off the Richardson Highway and turn a 300-acre pad into Alaskans 4th largest city. 1000+ motor homes and even more riders drink, grill, fight, whip, back-flip, dance, drink and shred all hours of the day. Out there, motorcycles, buggies, four-wheelers and sleds rule… don’t ride? There is no better place than Arctic Man to learn.

Girdwood Forest Fair –
Girdwood Forest Fair
When: July 3rd – 5th
Where: Girdwood, AK

Why You Should Go: Started in 1975, the forest fair was founded by a group of local artists who wanted to sell their wares, and it’s been held in the same location ever since. Often billed as a 4th of July weekend alternative to Sward, there is always music, art, and a wide a range of performances, from belly dancers to fire throwers. Plus its Girdwood, when the weather permits this festival laden with trees offers the best in local folk and acoustic music, eats and libations. 3 rules… No dogs, No politics, No religion.


Have you been to the Salmon Stock or Slush Cup even? Which was your favorite?  Whats your favorite Alaskan Event? We’d love to hear about it… lets us know in the comments or message us about your favorite moments from these festivals and events.


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