16 Reasons You Might Be Obsessed With Mooses Tooth or the Bear Tooth Grill:

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Arguably there is little that screams Anchorage more, than a slice of Mooses Tooth pizza or catching a movie and having a beer at the Bear Tooth Grill. They are such amazing places, between the two they literally have everything, food, drinks, movies, music and even 5ks. Seriously. So it kind of hard not to mention these local restaurant mainstays when on the conversation of what to do in Anchorage.

And while it’s true you’re either a fan or you’re not, one can’t deny that you at least have to try them to decide. But are there a few of us that are “too decided”? A die hard even. Super fans, Lifers, as it’s said… if this is you or sounds like someone you know, then you can probably relate to most of these as signs that you might be obsessed with Mooses Tooth or the Bear Tooth Grill:

  1. You feel obligated to tell anyone visiting  that “they have to try Mooses Tooths pizza”.

  2. You are the one in the group chat who always suggests the Bear Tooth, when trying to decide where to meet up.

  3. You feel like V.I.P when you order ahead from Mooses Tooth and get to skip ahead to the “take out” cashier.

  4. And you feel even more special when you order off the “gluten free” menu.

  5. You always feel as though you need to order 2 beers at once… “because the lines get sooo long” but really it takes you longer to drink a beer than it does to wait.

  6. Thinking you’re being healthy by ordering the smoked salmon spread instead of the mozzarella bread sticks.

  7. Getting personally offended when someone says they don’t like Mooses Tooths pizza.

  8. You literally can’t even..  with someone who thinks Spenard Roadhouse is better.

    Featured Mooses Tooth menu items

  9. When you ask to sit in a particular servers section and they aren’t working, and you say “Ok”… and ask for another server by name “are they working today then?”

  10. Shaking your head in disappointment when someone doesn’t know that you can get Mooses Tooth Beer in a growler and take it home. Amateurs.

  11. Hating when you’re the only one who bought a ticket to First Tap early, now it might be sold out and your friends have to beg for one on Facebook at the last minute. #michaelfrantifan

  12. Getting angry at your friend who saved over half of their chicken bomber burrito for left overs later.

  13. And getting even angrier when they eat those leftovers in front of you.

  14. You own Mooses Tooth apparel but you don’t work there or never have.

  15. Correcting people when they say Bears Tooth, No… Mooses Tooth has an “s” Bear tooth doesn’t, for the millionth time.

  16. Promising that you need to take a break from Mooses Tooth & the Bear Tooth, but then someone asks to go and you physically can’t say no.

    The Bear Tooth Grill and Mooses Tooth entrances

Have you been to the Mooses Tooth or Bear Tooth Grill? Which is your favorite?  Whats your favorite menu item? We’d love to hear about it… lets us know in the comments or message us about your favorite moments from these locations.


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