Young Fangs: “Thanks for Caring”

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In anticipation for their new album, we wanted to shine the light on the Young Fangs and their previous project the “Thanks for Caring EP.”  The boys have been working hard recording as well as playing some pretty awesome gigs along the way, including along side Rags & Ribbons at the NXNW music festival this summer.  So read up.. and enjoy yo’ selves.  Lets look back:

“Young Fangs: Thanks for Caring EP” released  August 2011 

So we literally get a few cds a month that come across our desks and about 50 “yo, you should check out my Soundcloud page man” Ok… I can respect that. But what tends to happen is once we get there, you have about this long for something to stick… 58 songs?? Com’on maan. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

Music is joyful, even when its sorrowful...”

Joel Fagre, Joshua and Brennan LaBuda

Joel Fagre, Joshua and Brennan LaBuda

The Young Fangs consist of 3 guys, Joel Fagre, Joshua and Brennan LaBuda, who met  in Fairbanks, Alaska and in 2011 decided to give this music thing a go. Thanks for Caring is a digestible 6 song EP and opens with The Way it Goes. Immediately you realize this is anything but a trio of small town boys “playing” band. Its serious and their sound is big and it rawks.

Young Fangs have established themselves as a real deal band and not just as a local band either. The hardest thing to do in music is to identify yourself amongst a crowd, and Young Fangs make light work of this task, having a sound that is both modern and heart felt.

Some notable standout tracks on the EP are Show me the way,” “Saves the day” and “The Shins.”  Thanks for Caring is exciting because its only flaw is, being so well done right out the gate. “Thanks'” brims with personality and passion, and as the days count down until the release of their full length album, you can’t help but wonder how much better its going to be than its predecessor. We at 907 Life have already been privileged to hear some upcoming tracks and are stoked for its completion. We enjoyed the hollowly harmonies and melodic riffs boasted by each track and their exemplary lyrics.

The band writes on it website… We believe that this is our God given gift and stewarding this gift means, not settling for anything less than the best, we want to bring the listeners to a place where the facade falls and the truth sets in. We want our music to be as close to your heart as it is to ours. Music is joyful, even when its sorrowful.”

We say your on the right track.

Add “Thanks for Caring” to the growing list of must listen local albums.

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Thanks for caring was written by Young Fangs, Recorded & Produced by Young Fangs & Daniel Randle @ Dream In Color Studios.

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