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Theres No Place Like Home

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So it began with this, “This place is literally like the best ever…” And just that quick the “best of the best” in Anchorage debate began. Who has the best local beer in town, Pizza? I love pizza, I couldn’t live with out this place. Oh, where do you run, what is the best trails to hike?  It was a real Anchorage Press inspired “oh, you should really kinda visit it” conversation. We found “Best” is a real subjective term.

But we found the real question was, how do those places even become top of mind? What makes these places and their products so nostalgic? Was it a childhood hang out? A summer fling,what brought us there?

For example, how does a local business, that doesn’t advertise, go from a passion project start up, to entertainment mecca?! (ahem, Mooses Tooth) We’ve all had great food, not any of it dictates a lifestyle change.

For most local business, this is unlikely, but nostalgia has a way of sustaining many local brands and products and contributes in many ways a huge percentage of what  arguably makes this an amazing city to live in.

That logo, or building, an annual event… they all play a part in creating the over whelming sense of belonging. We came across this super awesome illustration map of Anchorage by artist “Agnes Barton-Sabo” (Betty Turbo).

Weird and Wonderful Anchorage, Alaska

The map depicts some pretty popular spots here in town, which in all truth… “you should really kinda visit” all of them before calling yourself a real connoisseur of all things Anchorage.

The artist writes, …”Its curious magic (Anchorage) far surpasses the contents illustrated here, so I guess I’ll have to make this into a series!”

Yes!! We agree, you should! Do you love this map? What would you add? We see a little space for Ole “Tommys Burger Stop”.



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