The Snow, The Wait and the Price of Admission: Jack White Tour Alaska

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Like the late April snowfall that proceeded him, Jack White kicked off his highly anticipated farewell 5 city acoustic tour last night at the UAA Wendy Williamson Auditorium. And like the unexpected precipitation, as quickly as he was, he was gone… but not without a bit of a frantic scramble.

Word of Mr. Whites performance came early Monday morning across social media feeds via his website that among the 5 unvisted states where performances would take place, Alaska would be one of them. Instructions followed and were quite specific… tickets go on sale at 12pm, $3 each (cash only) and limited to one ticket per person. Easy enough, right?Jack White Acoustic Tour: Fans show their coveted wristbands

But what wouldn’t be easy would be obtaining such said ticket. Reports began rolling in that as early as 10am, a line had began forming that would eventually wrap 2 and 3 times around the university’s auditorium entrance. The line continued to grow, and wet snow continued to fall. Yet, fans of The White Stripes guitarist stead fast.

Jack White Acoustic Tour: Wendy Williamson Auditorium, Alaska

The other four upcoming performances will be White’s first acoustic-only shows. Joining him will be fiddler Fats Kaplin, singer-fiddler Lillie Mae Rische and bass guitarist Dominic Davis. As a quartet, they will use only ribbon microphones, a guitar, bass, mandolin, Dobro, banjo, fiddle and a violin.

The stage was lit with calming almost melodic blue lights that engulfed the performers for most of the show. The mood was set as to invite an audience into a lifetime of stories and art shared between two old friends. Jack sang, they cheered, he told stories, they laughed and he sang again.

Fans of the artist would recognize lyrics that were a mix of new and old material from White’s library, as well as a few never performed songs that accompanied tales from his youth and careers work. The night was captivating. The only noticeable difference was the absence of the ever growing glare of ones cell phone hoping to steal a moment from the night, at Mr. Whites request it was at a minimum.

Jack White Acoustic Tour: Back stage, Wendy Williamson Auditorium, Alaska

In the end Jack left the crowd with “Do everything you can, tell everyone you know and the children that you have one day, that music is sacred.

God Bless you, you’ve been incredible. And I’ve been Jack White”

The crowd responded with a standing ovation that lasted the better part of 5 minutes… there was a lot to cheer about. The night had been arguably worth the snow, the wait and the price of admission.

Where you able to make the show? How long did you wait in line? Missed it? What is your favorite Jack White song or album? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

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