Listen to Young Fangs New Single “Enemies”

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Young Fangs, while they are still plugging away on their upcoming full featured project, they have not forgotten about all of their patiently waiting fans. “We had to take some time off of recording to get a piece of gear fixed, but we will be back in the studio…  finishing up tracking the remaining few songs we have”. But to keep the fire burning, in the past months the “Fangs” have released a few new tracks including “Enemies” accompanied by a featured video of the band playing the song live at the Blue Loon in Fairbanks.
907L PlayerThe Young Fangs has had no less of a busy year in 2015. Juggling their personal lives, recording and playing some pretty choice gigs… the band remains focused, grounded and hopeful. “Thank you all for your continued support of our music and us as people, the Young Fangs commented from their website.

We are where we are now because of our work, yes… but the other 50% is from gifts and sacrifices of time and other resources of others.”
And after a killer opening set for the Strand Of Oaks, a highly entertaining interview with Alaska Live! and some superb new singles, we as fans are on the edge of our seats. 

Haven’t had a chance to hear much of Young Fangs work? Be sure to checkout their Soundcloud and on their Website for all of their performance dates and releases.

Check out the video below “Enemies” and be on the lookout for more details on the album in the near future.

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