Listen to Snarley Brown’s Single “John Wayne”

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Snarley Brown, is an Alaskan emcee upon introduction may be perceived as a lot of things, but once you hear his music, one thing is clear… he is a lyricist. Snarley Brown has been around the Anchorage music scene for awhile now, but seemingly is just now hitting his stride.  In his recent effort The World As I’ve Known It. We get to see a very introspective Brown and his undeniably unique raspy delivery. The album is raw in both content and production, but seemingly blends a perfect interpretation of the artist intentions. We were able to get Snarley Brown in studio for a special video exclusive. The video, showcased work off of Snarley Browns newest efforts. “John Wayne” which can be seen below. In a recent interview Snarley explains, “… its what you have to do, Hiphop to me is telling a story of a struggle… its what I do, I keep it real to what I live and what I’ve been through.”

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Check out the video below, “John Wayne” and be on the lookout for more details on the album in the near future.

Snarley Brown, “John Wayne”

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