Humpys presents: Blues On the Green Music Festival

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The app on our phones called it, the weather was so legit. The camping chair was packed, ticket was bought and our wrist was ready to be banned…. Saturday was the Alaskan summer restart we had been waiting for and we were stoked to get a good one in the books. For few sun deprived Alaskans, they found their way down to the Humpys 10th annual Blues on the Green Music Festival and were sure they’ll agree… the day was well, Classic!

Concert goers @ Blues on the Green

And to be completely honest, we cant necessarily admit to being that into blues, but combine our moderate knowledge of some Blues Traveler songs, 70 degree weather, and day drinking (we even got souvenir cups)… never tempt us with a good time, cause its going down, every time.

Humpys delivered!! The day couldn’t have went more perfect, everything from the varied food choices, their multiple beer lines (which added for less waiting and more drinking) and access to all 3 Humpys establishments (Humpys, Sub Zero and Flattop Pizza) The Blues On the Green Festival set the summers outdoor music concert seasons bar high.

Blues on the Green Souvenir Cups - Photo: Michelle Nelson facebook
And wouldn’t you know, we even got a few surprises, Blues isn’t all that bad…. Edgar Winter much? We have found a new aspiration to achieve later in life. Mr. Winter is pretty much the coolest dude on earth, and he also plays a mean sax.

The event offered including Mr. Winter, 3 additional acts who in their own right, are headliner worthy. The Diamonds, The Veronica Page Band (honestly, we coulda stood for 2 or 3 more songs from them) Soulman Sam and of course the Blues Travelers. The winners on this day were the concert goers — the Alaskan weather threw us a huge bone and even if you weren’t present to enjoy the festivities, you had beautiful weather to just do you. And for that… you never lose.

Humpys has another concert on the way and we expect nothing less than spectacular… Got tickets?! The Big Spawn Summer Concert Series w/ American Authors and KONGOS!

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Did you make it to the concert? Did you have a favorite performance? Were the lines to long? Would you go to the next show at Humpys?

Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

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