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Theres a new creative energy growing here in Anchorage and it appears to be stemming from the world of fashion. Every month or so, a new brand or series of logos appear around town on various garments or bumper stickers. All of these designs presumably all have the same intention… being the next big thing. Hoodies and t-shirts, are usually among the first items brands get slapped on, as a select few venture onto hats, jackets and some find a short supply of their work into local store fronts.

Berry Designers: CJ Ben Efrayim and Damarcus Mitchell

So how does it happen? Can just anyone have a big idea, maybe a funny one liner or a doodle from english class? Is it as simple as hopping on Google, looking up custom t-shirt maker, getting out your credit card and and instantly you’re a fashion designer? Sounds easy right? Hardly, but sometimes a few aspiring designers seem to think so. But to stick around and be successful, there are a lot of things that have to come together for a new brand, even on a local level for this to happen. First and foremost, style. Its gotta be cool… and it has to be, in the case of the Berry Apparel Co… well, Fresh.

The Berry Apparel Co. was started by two Anchorage friends CJ Ben Efrayim & Demarcus Mitchell whose inspiration comes from their belief that people have a natural desire “to be fresh” on the inside as well as out. The term “fresh” is an urban slang word derived in its definition as “a higher form of approval”. “We want to inspire the young entrepreneurs…” says Damarcus, part owner/creator of the “Berry” brand. “Everybody wants to be their own boss nowadays…” We feel its about time for us to make ourselves millionaires and everybody else millionaires..” The “Berry” brand itself, pulls roots from a mix of Italian couture and Israeli streetwear. Mitchell and Efrayim officially launched their designs online June 6th, 2014 with about 4 different designs printed on hats, mens and womens tanks and t-shirts. The brands websites promises to provide products that are tasteful, colorful and are able to sustain.

Berry Apparel CO.

We actually want to appeal to everybody, no matter their age..” but definitely the young entrepreneur” explains Demarcus about the future goals of the brand. And to do so, the novel designers have their work cut out for them. Launching a new brand is the first step, engaging a large and diverse demographic is another. The Berry Apparel Co. incorporates a dynamic and unique aesthetic by fusing functionality with flowering-fresh designs. The designs are simple, but clean, fun and stylish. Like any new idea… it will take time to develop. The Berry Apparel Co. debuted to the public, hosting a small booth during the Vans Warped Tour at the Northway Mall. 

We wanted to debut at the “tour” because of the energy the show draws..” The Vans Warped Tour has never made its way to Alaska, so its anticipation brought out a wide variant of people, perfect for a young brand looking to get its word out. “Business is already starting to pick up...” says Demarcus Mitchell during a interview with the local news.

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