AK Kicks In: Alaskan Kickstarters 2014

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We are officially into the better half of 2014.

And about this time we start to figure out if any of those innovative ideas, resolutions, plans for big adventure and finally going to happen. Remember… doing that thing we missed and said… “Next Year For Sure, For real this time”!

Probably the hardest part of a new project is actually coming up with one, but ultimately starting. We know the biggest motivation is having the support and of course the funds… Kickstarter. We ran a search and put together a list of our top 5 most anticipated funded projects of 2014!! Check out these truly awesome Alaskan projects we and everyone else, have “Kicked in” for.


5. The Love is Love Project  – Mitch Kitter / Shalem Matthews

There was so much “Love” behind this originally local project that it begged for more. Kitter & Mathews really captures the basic sentiments of what it means to love or to be loved  in their doc. They now take their project nationwide, in this intimate and highly anticipated project.

See: The Love is Love  project via Kickstarter

4. PopCycle – Kait Reiley

You scream, we scream… what is better than Ice Cream?!! Thank Kait for bringing this ingenious mobile beauty to our streets this summer. Delicious flavors and convenient. Yum!

See: Kait and her mobile deliciousness  via Kickstarter

2. Moose the Movie – Chad Carpenter

The cool thing about this project is that, literally everyone, everywhere has seen or read a tundra comic. Finally a true Alaskan project without small town governors or  factitious serial killers.

See: Chad Carpenters “Moose” via Kickstarter

3. gStick – Gordon Allen Stewart

Seriously cool, The gstick has received accolade by all sorts of top tier publications and sites. Probably one of the most anticipated projects not just in Alaska, but everywhere. Ak gots some smarts.

See: Gordon Allen Stewarts ‘gStick”  via Kickstarter

1. Winter Project – Hybrid Color

By far the largest funded project in the state, but ultimately the smartest. Stick to what you know… SNOW. The boys from Hybrid Color promise an introspective look at the origins of backcountry riding and the stars that made it. X game medalist and tons of high flying footage… Sick. Nuff said.

See: Hybrid Colors Winter Project via Kickstarter


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