7 Reasons We’re Glad it’s Summer in Alaska

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Officially, we can all breathe a sigh of relief… We did it, summers here!! In your face Jack Frost, and wake up Sleeping Lady… summers the best time for new romances and we’re getting a head start. And if summer is not reason enough, we got plans and cant be more stoked! We at 907 are rolling the dice and are calling for this year to be one of the best summers on record. (fingers crossed)

Arguably, there are few places in the world that rival Alaskas summers. From our breathe taking scenic views, our Alaskan outdoor activities and even Dads stories of the monster King salmon that got away. But for some of us, summer doesn’t start, heck… it cant start, until we do a few choice activities, its tradition. We’ll go as far and argue that your not really Alaskan if you don’t at least get 70% of this list done by August.

So, if your anything like us here at 907Life, every year there are a few things we have to do… a ritual even, before we can officially consider its summer. So if you don’t have a ritual of your own or want to add a few to your list, read up!! Here are 7 Reasons We’re Glad it’s Summer in Alaska:

the Outdoor Patios:

Summer Patios

Its a common misconception that we don’t get a lot of sun in Alaska. We do… definitely more sunny days than Seattle,  just not “warm sun”.  For those of us that live in Alaska throughout the winter, there’s nothing we crave more than an awesome lunch or a cold drink… outdoors!

Anchorage has a hand full of pretty awesome venues with great decks and amazing views. Among some of our favorites are: The Snow Goose on West 3rd Avenue, The Fancy Moose Lounge on Lake Hood and Bernies Bungalow in downtown Anchorage next to Nordstroms. There is no shame in breaking from work early this summer… Mojito anyone?

the Reindeer dogs:

Reindeer Dog Stand

The trick to the reindeer dog is knowing that all stands are not created equal. Over the last 5 or so years, downtown Anchorage has seen an influx of corner sausage solicitors. It was kinda like the late 90’s coffee cart boom. (There’s just so many…Khaladi something or another) We at 907 could endorse a particular sausage stand, but we feel part of the tradition is finding one for yourself.

Hot links, Brats, Reindeer sausages, even some stands offer vegan options… want onions with that? There are a variety of delicious choices and plenty of competitive choosing. It was only thru this exploration did we find the true art of the summer reindeer dog and we have become quite the connoisseur. There’s just something about this street meat that just says… Mmmm, summer.

Socks & Sandals:

Socks and Sandals

Ok, we realize its stuff like this that lands us on worst dressed lists… but what can we say? Let us live our lives!!! Its an Alaskan thing that lower 48ers just wont understand. We at 907Life are making a decree… Long Live the Moose Hoof!! The old socks and sandal scenario is near unavoidable, so just go with it. Hey man, its summer… its all fair in fun and sun.

the Midnight sun:

Midnight Sun

Plain and simple, that bad boy wont go down, hence the term Midnight Sun. OK, we know it actually does go down, but there is nothing like a long day at work and after the sun is still high in the sky at 9pm. You really feel like you didn’t completely miss the day. Super for late evening bar-b-qs, maybe a romantic hike or a walk. Summer in Alaska is really kinda rad.

climbing Flattop mountain

Flattop Mountain

Lets be honest, Flattop isn’t all that challenging… there are arguably better trails. But that being said, we have staff members who have been passed on this trail by 40 year ladies with toddlers strapped to their chest. (those ladies were on a mission) But it is a bit of a test after a long winter of downhill activities and not the other way around. So its cool, the first trip back up will get your groove back.

At a mild 3,510-feet (1,070 m) Flattop mountain is located just east of urban Anchorage and is the most climbed mountain in the state. And it should be noted that if the weather is nice, its packed!! You’d think they were handing out free Taylor Swift albums at the top. (We’d totally climb it to get another)

No summer is complete without at least a quick, up down. And while your up there… get that IG selfie. If there’s no picture, it didn’t happen.
#Flattop #startedfromthebottom #nowwehere

the Marathons and 5Ks:

Marathons & 5Ks

We have been around for awhile, and never before could we remember so many Marathon or 5Ks, color runs, relays, pub runs, up hill, mens and womens whatchamacallits, like ever! And for this we say, Anchorage is awesome! Its exciting to see up to 4000+ anchorage residents turn up on a particular Saturday and participate. And why wouldn’t you? As Ron Burgundy would say… “You just get out and get jogging or yogging. It might be a soft j. I’m not sure, but apparently you just run for an extended period of time. It’s supposed to be wild.”

Our city boasts excellent trails and parks and just as an amazing community in general, why not get out grab a bib and jog for PR? We got the Mayors Marathon coming up, you in?

the 4 day weekends:

Alaskan Roadtrip

When the weekend is afoot, the roads start calling… Gas up and get’a going!! While Alaskans try to hit the road as much as possible, we love the extra day. And no matter what direction you head… all roads are wrap in amazing scenery. We love hitting the road in search of wide open spaces, running rivers and mountain trails, got a favorite spot? Whether you quick trip it to Big Lake or head toward Seward, you wont be disappointed. We at 907Life live for the 4day weekend… can you blame us?


Did your summer ritual make the list? Do you have a favorite summer past time of your own? Are you taking a road trip this summer? Where are you headed?
Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

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