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2 Chainz “Live” in Anchorage

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A storm was brewing Saturday morning.
The Anchorage Police Department lieutenant requested that Anchorage citizens stay home if possible, due to white out conditions. No one was going anywhere – but someone was coming, someone “different“.

BBAAD productions and Unbreakable announced that in fact 2 Chainz was headed to Alaska to headline the Sullivan Arena January 21, 2017. This show would mark the “Birthday Song” rappers first trip to Alaska, in which via twitter he posted that he “Can’t wait”.

On the heels of his upcoming new project, Pretty Girls Like Trap Music. 2 Chainz touched down in Anchorage amidst the snow flurry intent on making his 10:30 set time. The internet was on fire as the world via tweeter realized where the self-proclaimed Hair Weave Killer had landed. “It’s cold world better bundle up” 2 Chainz tweeted.  

2 chainz-jan

The Sullivan Arena show opened with a huge barrage of local talent. Among the performing, Duckman, Kayco and the “Homecoming” rapper,  Tayy Tarantino. 2 Chainz accompanied by his Dj- Dj E. Sudd, took the stage in a full-length mink coat and shut down the show with records like ‘No Lie, ‘Watch Out’, ‘Birthday Song’ and more.

The stage was lit with booming multi-colored lights that engulfed the performers for most of the show. Providing backup was a 20′ ft LED screen catching all of the Georgia rappers dances and flexes. 2 Chainz rapped, the crowd chanted back. He told them to put their 2’s up, they followed… Truu.

2 chainz-jan

In the end, 2 Chainz left the crowd with a personal request. “Before I get out of here – what cha’ll wanna hear” There might just have been to many hits to choose just one. Come back 2 Chainz, come back. 

 Make sure you stay tuned and pick up that upcoming 2 Chainz album, Pretty Girls Like Trap Music, 2 Chainz has announced the album’s release date: April 7th.

Where you able to make the show? Did you drive in the snow? Missed it? What is your favorite 2 Chainz song or album? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

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